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Aloxxi Hair Care

With hair color comes the need for perfection, for the highest quality and a product that will give you great grey coverage, the ability to do reds and make them last. In short a hair color line from a company that cares about the colorist that applies color and creates masterpieces, to the client who knows they want beautiful hair color and who wants their hair to be soft and elegant with a color that magnifies their real beauty once applied.

Aloxxi Hair Color is that and a lot more, it is hair color with each color having its own color personality. If this color was a pair of shoes it would be like Louboutins­, if it was a car it would be the finest Rolls Royce. In short Aloxxi is of the highest quality, created by the most rigid standards and under the strictest quality control. Aloxxi means quality results. Aloxxi is Gluten Free, Paraben Free and not tested on animals. Note: We are permitted to sell Aloxxi Hair Color to Hair Professionals only in Oregon and Washington.