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Why Desert Viking Distributing

Posted by Dale Hansen on

Have you noticed how hard it can be to find  the products you need when you need them? Of course you do it is a problem that plagues many businesses, and people in all walks of life. 

Desert Viking is focused on the Beauty, Barber, Spa and Tanning Industries and we understand only too well how frustrating it can be for one of our customers to need a particular product right away so they can please their customer. That is why Desert Viking is committed to  excellent customer service, fast shipping and the best selection of products.

Is it possible for us to carry every product and every brand even in our chosen industries? No, not hardly, there are far too many, and some brands have long standing relationships to only be represented by a certain company or organization. With that being said, I assure you that there are many brands, some well known, some not as well known but none the less good brands that are available and many we carry. I brought that up mostly so that you can be assured that we will always carry excellent products and with those products and brands we will maintain inventory levels to be able to supply the orders you might place with us.

It is beyond frustrating to order something and then to find out that what you want is out of stock, and even more frustrating is ordering what you want and to hear nothing, see nothing and then only to find out the company was out of stock and instead of emailing you or calling you with that situation they decide to mail you a postcard that says something like, so sorry your item number such and such is out of stock and it should be back in stock in three weeks please re-order or something of that nature. Without a doubt that is an upsetting scenario because when you order,  what you order could have been for a client, for a gift or something that was needed by you right now. Ok we at Desert Viking understand that, we understand frustrations that can be caused by things like that. Our goal is to avoid them whenever possible by maintaining sufficient levels of the inventory we advertise or show on our web site to allow us to ship orders quickly and to keep our customers happy. After all without good customers we would not be in business.

Our promise to you is that we will do our very best to be the company you can count on every time you place an order. We believe in customer service. You can shop our web site at, you can call us with your order at 1-800-795-9520 or you can come to our store at 4630 NE 190th Lane in Portland, OR.