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Why we have what you want and our inventory continues to expand?

Posted by Dale Hansen on

So many of our competitors seem to maintain a policy of just reordering only what they sell, which means if they normally determine they should have two or three of something and they sell one or two or all of that item, that is what automatically gets reordered. Bad program? No not at all, the minmax system works very well expecially for  the big chains but for us, we care so much about what our customers want and need that we bring that inventory program down to a much more personal level.

Our goal is to keep enough of each item in stock so we do not run out at an inopportune time, if you our customer needs something and it is something that we carry we maintain adequate inventory to supply your needs. We also are glad to take suggestions for additions to our inventory from you our customers. Many of the items that we carry are the result of requests for our current customers. We appreciate getting suggestions.

In addition we are always looking for new and different items that you might really like. We spend a lot of time researching new and different lines, talking to factory representatives so that we can learn and gain knowledge that will give us the ability to add to the inventory in a positive way. 

Remember we are always open to suggestions, we want to help you get the items you want. Rember "We are here for you".

Why are barber poles red white and blue?

It would be fair to say guess the answer has something to do with being patriotic – but that would be far from fact. History has shown back in the day, barbers did much more than just take a little off the top. Early physicians thought some procedures were beneath them, so it fell to barbers [...]

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The selection just gets better

We added Dikson Hair Color to our inventory of quality products. As most of you know we have been an Aloxxi Hair Color distributor for many many years and with good success. Aloxxi is an Italian hair color line so with most of our regular hair color professionals using Italian Color and loving it for [...]

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Many new, interesting and needed items

Have you been by our web site lately? How often do you actually stop by? Well it doesn't really matter if you stop by once in awhile, or often because we are trying to add new items every day and we wanted you to know.We have a large number of frequent shoppers who see and [...]

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Lather Time Professional Barbers Lather Time Lather Machine by Scalpmaster is a big hit!

We have been selling the Scalpmaster Hot Lather Machines for some time now, and we have sold a lot of them to Barbers all over the country. The response from those professional customers has been excellent with the majority super happy about what a trouble free unit this one is.As you all know having a [...]

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Top Selling Tanning Lotion for 2019

This time of the year is what is commonly known as Tanning Season. It is the time of the year when a little more sun is peeking through the clouds, a little less rain and snow are falling and seeing a little bit of the sun sets off those desires to get out there, get [...]

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Now That The Holiday Season Is Past

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season.Desert Viking Distributing saw a lot of new customers ordering, at the same time we enjoyed some very nice repeat business from our very special regular customers.Some of our more recent additions to our ever growing inventory include three great products from NORVIK that have been gaining popularity at [...]

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Desert Viking is great with customer service

If you are like I am you are pretty tired of lousy customer service. Customer Service has never been as bad as it is in most every business I come in counter with. The people who work in the different establishments act like they don't want to be bothered and it comes across loud and [...]

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NORVIK Body Wash Becoming Super Popular

Not all Body Washers are created equal and that is proven here with this wonderful Coconut Oil Body Wash by NORVIK™. This is a very rich moisturizing body wash that will cleanse and nourish your skin with vitamin-rich Coconut, Argan, Hemp Seed, Rose Hip, Macadamia, Olive and Jojoba Oils. In addition this is a sulfate [...]

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Holiday Season can be stressful

    We have been building and continue to build our business on great customer service. It is very important to us to treat our customers the way they should be and expect to be treated. We want anyone and everyone who experiences shopping on our web site or for that matter with us [...]

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